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International Placemaking

As a way to serve the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood’s growing Asian population, Holst is partnering with REACH CDC, Housing Development Center, and Asian Health & Services Center (AHSC) to both provide homes at an affordable rate, and create a hub for resident services, cultural and social gatherings, and wellness activities for residents and the greater public alike. Situated just twenty blocks away from AHSC's new community center and clinic, also designed by Holst, 72Foster seeks to reinforce AHSC's devotion to health and longevity through community togetherness and accessible services.

A site adjacent to single family residences, the proposed building is pulled towards the urban edge of SE Foster Road to respect the existing neighborhood scale, while addressing the growing need for increased density in the area. In minimizing the building's footprint, new opportunities for connections are established. In close proximity to the bustling Portland Mercado, a pedestrian accessway connects a public courtyard with the mercado as means for international placemaking. The 10,000 sf of ground-floor commercial space are designed to reflect a growing international population, and enhance the surrounding neighborhood businesses.