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Facilitating youth empowerment.

Currently in design, the Rockwood Club for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland is representative of Gresham’s dedication to revitalizing outer-east Multnomah County and bringing much needed services to children and families in the area. Serving children since 1946, this chapter’s new location at SE 165th Avenue and Stark Street will be a catalyst for this underserved community.

Essential features that the client desired were safe outdoor spaces for kids, transparency and clear sightlines for safety and security purposes, and a restrained, simple, and timeless design that would seem attractive, grown-up, and dignified to the youth. The new location will be the seventh stand-alone Boys & Girls Club facility in the Portland metro area and the first new facility the organization has built since 2007.

Teen lounge

The intriguing space aims to attract and inspire youth and facilitate a sense of community. 


The cafe area ensures youth are provided with meals efficiently and promotes socializing.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area


Gresham, OR


Projected 2017


30,000 sf