Panic Inc. Headquarters

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Big ideas and little details.

The Panic, Inc. headquarters is the renovation of an existing wood-framed warehouse in Portland, providing the local software design firm with a work space that reflects its creativity and unique culture. The office is a culmination of two spaces: a light-filled flexible gallery that simultaneously floods the adjacent halls and rooms with filtered light, and an open work space with controlled lighting and views to the north and east. The intention was to create a space that not only reflects the creativity of its users, but one that also cultivates an exchange of fresh ideas. 

Creative aura

A variety of finishes, colors, patterns, and textures provide a playful sophistication.

Office extension

The newly added roof deck allows employees to be productive where they choose.


Panic, Inc.


Portland, OR




7,126 sf


2009 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year, Merit Award, Small Office Category